“I appreciate Aiden explaining the process to me in a concise and supportive manner so that I understood what was expected of me and what she was doing on her end. We hit a snag near the end. Aiden and I brainstormed ways to handle the problem and it eventually worked out. Thank you!

I was told by a customer who purchased one of my tanks that I should get my slogan trademarked but I have no idea where to start. I wanted to find an attorney who would help me understand the process, so I decided to do some research on YouTube and came across Aiden’s videos. I would suggest to anyone ready to trademark their work to be very clear about their intention on how they are going to use it, provide Aiden with as many details as possible during the initial conversation, and be patient through the process.

I had a lot of educational moments that have prepared me to trademark something else in the future. I also now know that it deepened my relationship with my slogan overall project.

Anyone who wants to protect their art, ideas, and craft. I think if you know you have created something special that is the foundation of your business and want to see it grow you will want to trademark it first.”