“Being new to owning a business, I felt overwhelmed and lost. Aiden was able to sort out my questions and gave me real life examples that helped me make wise decisions. She was patient with me and let me make my own decisions. I never felt pressured. Also, the prices were clear. There were no hidden fees. She completed what I needed done in a timely manner. I was in the beginning stages of forming and setting up an LLC for real estate investing. It felt like a mountain setting up an LLC. It was a blessing when I found Aiden via YouTube. She was very knowledgeable and answered many of the questions before I even talked to her in person. Thank you Youtube! I was so elated to find out she practiced in my state. I wanted my LLC set up properly the first time. I would just go with Aiden. She will walk you through the process. It was effortless. The “AHA” moment was when it was sent over the Free Booklet of how to manage your LLC. It was a sign she cared about the success of my budding business. I felt at peace.”